white carpet




Ellie and DadFunny, really.  How can I not have seen this coming?  A glorious separation, profoundly sentimental, yet ‘jacked’ up with emotional tidings of thankfulness.  She will walk with me one last time, officially, today; the man of her life; now being transferred.

We will come together at the back and wisp our way  between the well wishers, family and friends all.  The agony of who is in and isn’t will not have an affect this day, this walk.  I will be with my daughter.

I will see her for the first time at 12:20 p.m.  Ten minutes before her husband ‘to be’ does.  I like that.  I was there when her mother first pronounced her beautiful.  She will be when she walks in that room. And I will go to her.  I should be first,  but not overstay.  It is time to relinquish.

I really have few functions to perform.  I will be able to take all of her in and see the love she has for many be funneled to her ‘one.’  The ceremony will be simple but elegant and she the most beautiful woman in the world.

Life, what it can be or is, allows hands on guidance for such a slim shaving of time. Then ‘hands off.’  When I let go do I lose my little girl?  No, really?  At sixty five why do I have minor feelings as this?


It took me two weeks to pick out the  Father/Daughter song.  Two weeks!   Then it settled upon me one day and I knew it was right.  Right for me and hopefully her.  “This island earth” by the Nylons, recorded in the late 70’s.  I used it as the background music of a video that I took on a houseboat cruise with special friends and my father.  Dad passed years ago.  I have a picture of him holding her, she laughing.  The song has meaning, long stretched out meaning.  And it is suggestive of the path before her; them.  I will hold her.  Just she and I.  And the melody will immerse us for a little more than three minutes.  Three.  It will be three of the sweetest minutes of my life.

Of course I ‘lose’ my little girl.  It is the essence of the ceremony, this day.  I know it will be emotional.  But I look forward to it.  ‘Flushing’ tears of love and happiness with no regret.  A cleansing if you will.  Deep down I will be good, really good.

Off I go.  The ladies are there.  My instructions?  Feed the animals, let the fire go out, bring your suit and don’t forget your shoes.  Drive safe. Minimal.  See?   I get to arrive and prepare to witness a wedding that for the first time will touch me beyond any measuring point.  Because it is not a wedding for me.  It is a love event that drives home the desire of God for a man and a woman.

My little girl is a woman today.  And she will belong to someone else sometime mid afternoon.  I can live with that.  I now find myself purposed to move to the shadows, willing to step out when needed. Let go and love her; just a little farther away is all.

I can not wait to see her in that dress.   And when we make that walk on the white carpet, She will shine and I will glow.

I love you Bomber.


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2 Responses to white carpet

  1. Gary McIntyre says:

    Doug, it is both hard and beautiful to prepare your child and then let them go. Out into the world on their own and we men always want to fix things. That’s our nature! I am happy to see that you are ready to be a different part of her life.


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