In the course of human events…

The build up to the War Between the States, an American Civil War, geared forward the animosity of thought, ideas and agendas bludgeoned upon societal desires until shells replaced rhetoric.  Lives lost are estimated to be over 700,000 people, which has no basis to express any marital figure for families displaced, loved ones lost and a new birth for a depressed people group.  The anger that pushed forward the violence was real.  It was released.  So to now.

Families were/are pulled apart by ideology; brought forth by hiccuped education, unversed merit and lustful desires.  Commonality swiftly dispersed.

We have now come to an eerily similar station in history.   People are being ground senseless by distortion. believing what is desired escaped from truth.   Reality is hijacked by mush-brained personne stupide.    Errors, lies and demagogic red herrings litter the landscape.  Arguments shrill.  There is no common ground to argee.

The echo of ‘forebear’  is whittled away.

I land with this.  It is not about me.  nope.  nata.  Now I go forward to do what i can for my children, if they even follow.  That is their choice.  So let me be more pragmatic.  I go forward against the Progressive oppression, the lies and slander, and the total disregard for truth and logic.   My innards are sickened by this mob of guileless minnows.  Prove my assumptions incorrect, wrong or tilted, I will gladly be swayed.  Good luck.  To witness the terror of morbid zealots unleashed and unhinged upon a society that has driven so hard the concept of a quality of goodness and a quantity of freedom cannot be permitted.

It will separate me from some, perhaps many.  I will speak plainly and as frankly as possible, in a fashion of love, excepting that this is so hard to express as dolt disguised  mush brains tax me greatly.  I expect few ears will desire to hear.  And that is fine.  I guess one could say I am one of “those.”  I will listen, up to a point…however when the the dialog becomes error prone, I will walk away.  And hope not to puke.

I don’t know how we will spin together anymore.  I see families breaking apart before my eyes…it is 1860 again.

Love always but not knowing the future, I  anticipate a new craziness beyond what we have known.

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