Two fictional Baby Boomers sitting down at now open Café:

Ed: So how you been?  Been awhile.

Jack: Wonder why.

Ed: Yeah, crazy.  Coffee?

Jack: sure

Ed: So, what do you think about Twins this year?

Jack: Suppose they will be good.  Never made a game last year.  Kinda indisposed.

Ed: Right.  Maybe this year?

Jack: Probably not.

Ed: You don’t think they will open up?  Spread out and mask up in little groups?

Jack: Maybe

Ed: I think there will be some attendance.  Would you like to go?

Jack: No

Ed: Why not?

Jack: Masks

Ed: You don’t want to wear a mask?

Jack: I have three

Ed: So, you can wear one?

Jack: Ever see Fanucci throughout that first pitch last season?

Ed: No, I didn’t

Jack: Want some more coffee?

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