Close the door

Hey Buddy;

The door closed last night.  50 years give or take a month or two.  It was a scream.  So many from grade school, Jr. Hi., High School.  More than 50 years combined for us.  50 gone from when we jumped ship and began defining.

It was good, Smitty.  Time greased with years of living.  No one escaped the lubrication.  No one expected to.  And so the night gleaned the utmost sincerity.  And acceptance.  Can not believe that anyone expected different, but then again assumptions are meek.

Amazed.  Yeah.  Learned some things about people of whom clues were faint.  Found openness, which was a profound enlightenment.  Could not get information enough as to the how life was lived, played out, from so many.  No disappointment there.

Missed you.  Ya, but it was o.k.  Reflections from so many, genuine and sincere.  Made pause to thoughts and feelings to see the impulse of others.  To include “the wall,” attendance of classmates “real,” we banked 256.  Amazing.

Surely you must know how much you are missed.  Yet you above others know the slimness of such a statement, such a thin degree of thought.  But for those attending, it truly allowed the door to be shut…gently and with no remorse.  It provided a closure to the climb, now the descent to subscribe.

The door closed.  It should have.  How the future develops belongs to tomorrow.


You were there.




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