Unwrapping the text, the news oozed about how

you were exhausted, strung tight, wrung out.


They write fighting cancer is fraught with unknowns,

it brings forth fears and debilitating bouts of

fatigue and nauseous quaking, that shucks bodily husks.

Your path centered quietly to go forth another way,

We expected no other, your choice of love and to pray.


You have taken to live, for others openly sans self.

You chose for Rusty and family not to be shelved.

We watched from afar, Auntie Nancy so concerned

and others prayers lifted and hopeful news shared.


Oh, how you touch us, your smile, lights torches

for many who wonder and grasp in the dark.

Yet you show how love trumps and understands,

no matter the morrow it’s today you so mark. .


With your posture of love and resolve, dear Dana, continue to be bold,

your voice lit with purity and the rhythm strong.

Christ came with answers, believers together.

God is the composer and you are the song.

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