The herd

31 Croft Road

I got back just as winter resumed its white onslaught; back from “herding cats.” A number of years ago, a friend mentioned his attempt to gather fraternity friends for a golf tournament was like herding cats. The phrase can be used for various venues.

When I was a young lad, our family acquired a cat. My sister had “passed” and Mom thought something cuddly would be good for we kids. Dad named her Jezebel. I could have cuddled all of my turtles for as much “love” old Jezebel displayed. Scratching was her style. Throw in a bite or three.

Dad thought he could “dog walk” her for exercise. Where he came up with this idea I have no clue. But he was determined. So was the cat. He’d hold her legs while he attached the harness and leash. Mattered not that she was uncooperative. Dad was old Navy! Orders were…

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