She came into my life mid stream.  She was just leaving her origin.  For me, she categorizes an 8.  That was before our first date.  After, she was off the chart.

I was struck by her simple beauty, yes, but it was while we had arranged the disciplining of Blue, our ‘going to be millionaire racehorse,’ when I was first ‘pressed’ upon her in the barn.  After, as I participated in negotiating around all the horses and people while watching her work, mucking out stalls, feeding horses, tending all duties necessary for those who wanted to board and ride, without necessities;  as Amy cared for all with amazing grace entrained.   Tirelessly and coordinated with a discipline that I don’t ever remember mastering.  She was seamless in her efforts and controlled in her actions.   A purpose for everything and fetted in her own way.  Oh, and she had this beautiful full bodied dog, Tyler, blondish white, who did whatever he was told and when he was left to his own instinct, followed her.  They were inseparable.  A beautiful girl-woman, understanding and completing her work tasks while always ready to give a horse a nose rub, a pat, an encouraging word.  She owned none.  Mattered not, to her or the horses. They all knew her.  But I was 17 years her senior and that bridge seemed long.

Not long enough.  Fact is that I chainsawed it down and burned it.  For after I gained the courage to ask her out, we were engage five days later (she probably has the days down better than I, but it was short!)  That she said yes, well, you could not have found a happier guy (I think most potential grooms say or think this, but what?  I did feel that way.)

The Butters were on their way North to fish and I asked them to stop by the Farm… T. McGill Farm.  They came around midmorning and Amy met them in the kitchen.  I was off somewhere else.  Billy asked her if she was my niece, as I had not said anything about being engaged.  That would be a natural question, especially if it was indicative of my past, many short circuited wrecks.  In her polite and verbally direct manner Amy stated that she was my fiancee. I came in shortly after and I could see that Billy and Debby, his wife, were still processing the response, happily but questionably.  I assured then that what Amy had said true and that indeed, the man from ‘Baker Street’ was going to be married.

Feb.20 is my bride’s birthday.  She not only has been a tireless worker and calming, loving companion, but she has held me together through many down times, literally and figuratively. A mother who has two daughters who absolutely adore her and a circus of animals, both past and present, who all gravitated to her simple charm, love and affection underlined by extreme devotion.

So we simply acknowledge that God has ordained another year in the life of our wife, mother, friend. Thankful we are. God bless you, Babe. I am thankful for your love and devotion…Happy birthday!

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