where is my hammer??

where is my hammer?

I freely admit that I have retreated. Not routed mind you, but drawn back to more defensible lines. These are shorter and buffered with greater quantities of sandbags. There is no relief, for I had barely secured these lines when Weather pounded its assault in a frontal attack. There is no feinting. Yes, the pounding seems seamless and when I look to see if there is relief in front of me, the grey color of the offense marks no let up. I have called for “reinforcements,” and help has arrived if only to help succor my defenses for a moment, but I know that I will be called soon to man the defenses more ardently than in the past. So I conclude that there is but one tactic left to me.
Build an Ark.
I realize that the Bible does not specifically state how long it took Noah to build his Ark, but I am guessing it was considerable. However long it took, I don’t believe my nerves can stand up to much more. Call it shell shock or battle fatigue. Or the newer modern phrasing post trauma affect disorder. It matters only that it has strengthened its grip on me. I lash out at my foot soldiers, yelling at the dogs because they are acting like dogs. Or roughly displaying unwarranted activity upon my Calvary, throwing their hay in the muck without regard to the that unpleasant motive.
No, I am going with the time line of Russell Crowe, or at least of how long it took to watch the movie. (Here I freely admit that I walked out of the movie shortly after they closed up the ark and the waters came roaring in! So I will take the reviewer’s word that it took roughly two plus hours to watch.) I think I can get it done in that time frame provided I get the help that he and his family secured from the “Creator,” whomever that is referenced to. So I believe that I can get this Ark done. And I am not bringing all the animals of the world. Just my soldiers and Cavaliers! And of course my girls. This is my isolated project and I give no thought as to how others may or may not be coping.
It seems so selfish this pity I am experiencing. With the southern lines getting blasted with tornadoes, leaving casualties in bodies and minds, we have not lost any to death. And where tremors of earthquakes are startling the western boundaries, we have not yet had any such terrifying loosening of underpinning. But I freely admit I cannot take the constant barrage of the grey clad enemies attacks of rain, sleet and snow. There is no let up and sitting in the cold wet trenches beckons my distraught anguish. I grow irritated at my adulterer mind condition. I must take action if only to neutralize the enemies attack.
It is once again 35 degrees with a light sleet attacking from the north. I will have to work on the ark while the enemy continues the onslaught. But though my resources are limited, I cannot even begin to build without my hammer.
Where did I put it?

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4 Responses to where is my hammer??

  1. contoveros says:

    Is there room for a tired, old veteran?

    I’d love to join you and fight the good fight . . .


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